02 Jun

Hidden Safety Hazards Found In The Average Home

Home is our safe place to rest and retreat, where our family feels safe and secure.

To make sure your home stays a safe haven, watch for these hidden dangers that can cause serious accidents or illness.

- Make sure that basement stairs are lighted and items are not stored on the steps.

- Keep the temperature in your refrigerator is a few degrees above 32 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve food without freezing it.

- Don’t stand on the top step of a ladder. Even if the fall doesn’t seem Continue Reading »

30 May

Talking With Your Children About Home Security

Talking With Your Children About Home Security

The Importance of Home Security
There is an art to learning and teaching the rudiments of home security. This is especially true for young adults and kids. Therefore, having an informative discussion about home safety and security can make the difference if a dangerous situation arises. Every parent should teach a few basic steps to their kids.

Learning The ABCs of Home Safety
First, if there is a stranger at the door, you should never let them in. In fact, you Continue Reading »

29 May

How To Select The Right Security System For Your House

Selecting the right security system for a home requires a few steps. The first step would be to audit how much security you actually need. If you live in a metropolitan area, security lights and an alarm might be enough. Those living in a rural area may need an expansive amount of motion detecting lights that extend from the property far from the front door of the house. Regardless of where the is located, it might be very wise to sign on with a security service that contacts local authorities or Continue Reading »

27 May

Getting Involved With Your Neighborhood Watch Group

Is there a neighborhood watch group that is established in your area? If so, then perhaps you have been considering looking into the option of joining that group not only as a way of getting to better know your neighbors, but also as a way of playing your part in keeping the neighborhood safer as a whole. Regardless of your reasoning for wanting to join the group, there are some steps that you can take to get proactively involved in no time.

For starters, find out who the leader of the neighborhood watch group is. From there, Continue Reading »

24 May

Why You Should Have Regular Home Fire Drills

Home fire drills are incredibly important for the safety of your whole family. More families need to begin implementing these drills so that their loved ones are kept safe and sound all the time. One thing that many people do not even realize is that fires can and do happen randomly. You might have the fire alarms installed and the extinguishers underneath the cabinet, http://homesecuritytown.com/burgler-alarm-systems/motion-detector-sensor/, but your kids might not know what to do if a fire should occur and they really need to know how to keep themselves safe in case of this type of emergency.

One way to do this would be to sit down and actually talk to the kids about fire and how to stay safe if there should ever be one in the house. You can also set up regular drills so that your kids get used to the sound of the alarms and what they need to do in order to be as safe as possible. This is going to come in handy if there ever should be a disaster at any point in the future. You will find that this helps to protect everyone who happens to be living in the home with you.

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